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Rap’n’Roll Protection


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Looking to keep your bike in top condition? Discover our Rap'n'Roll protection kit which is one of our best sellers.

This kit is perfect for anyone who wants maximum protection for their bike. It comes with everything you need to adjust and customize the fit, so you can be sure your bike is well protected.

Can cover up to 95% of your bike is no problem with this kit, but it's also quick and easy to install if you're looking for something more minimal. Whatever level of protection you need, our Rap'n'Roll protection kit is for you!

  • Level of protection
    • Strategically protects all sides of the frame
    • Technically speaking, you will be able to cover 95% of your bike with this kit, but most people who buy it use it to cover the most worn areas of their bike. If you're looking for greater coverage, consider one of our other universal protection kits or our Undercover series.  
  • Durability 
    • High quality material that does not yellow or crack over time
    • Self-repairing material that makes small scratches disappear
    • Strong, yet flexible, making it easy to install
    • Easy to clean
  • Compatibility
    • Allows installations on oversized tubes
    • Allows for tighter installations than standard kits
    • Our Rap'n'Roll protection kit can be installed on all types of bikes, from road or gravel bikes to downhill bikes and e-bikes. 
    • Another key feature of our Rap'n'Roll kit is that it comes in multiple formats. You can therefore choose the dimensions that best suit your needs. Most home users will opt for the 2.5" or 4" per 100" sizes, while a bike shop will choose our 600" option.
  • Installation 
    • Like all of our Bikeshield kits they are extremely easy to fit, but what makes the Rap'n'Roll kit unique is that you can fit as many as you want. The installation can therefore be either very quick (15 minutes) or very long if you decide to cover every square millimeter of your bike.
    • Easy to remove, leaves no residue and is safe for bike paintwork.
    • Scraper (squeegee) included in the kit.