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Distorsion Protection


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Looking to keep your e-bike in top condition? Look no further than our Distortion Protection Kit! This easy to install kit protects 65% of your frame's wear areas and includes our Fork Kit which protects 40% of your fork. Although this kit was designed specifically for e-bikes, it can also fit larger enduro or downhill bikes - just be sure to cut it down to suit your tubing sizes. So why wait? Get yourself a warp kit and keep your bike protected for miles and miles!
  • Level of protection
    • Strategically protects all sides of the frame
    • Our Distorsions protection kit covers 65% of your frame and 40% of your fork.
    • MTB fork kit included
  • Durability
    • High quality material that does not yellow or crack over time
    • Self-repairing material that makes small scratches disappear
    • Strong, yet flexible, making it easy to install
    • Easy to clean
  • Compatibility
    • Universal kit designed for your E-Bike or your Enduro type bike
    • Works with most e-bikes
    • Suitable for oversized e-bike tubes
    • Film available in gloss or matte
  • Installation 
    • Includes scraper (squeegee)
    • Easy to remove, leaves no residue and is safe for bike paint.
    • Like all our universal protection kits. The Distortion Kit is no different, it barely requires disassembly and can be easily installed with a little TLC and some music.
    • Installation time: 1 to 2 hours