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Customizable Mountain Bike Mudguard


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These days, sometimes you need deep pockets to make your bike stand out, but who said having a unique bike was only for those willing to spend $20,000 so no one else would have a bike like them? Not anymore, with our custom fender designer, you can make your bike stand out for only $35! Let your creativity flow and design your own mountain bike fender.

Benefits of Our Solution:

  • Truly customizable, the only limit is your imagination.
  • No need to order in bulk, we will only print one copy.
  • Fast production and quick turnaround
  • The most economical way to make your bike unique. 

Mudguard Specifications: 

  • Dimensions: 11.5 inches wide x 9.5 inches long
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Recyclable

Specifications for Customizing Your Mudguard:

  • Recommended image size: 2099 x 2099 pixels
  • Personalization will be printed on one side only.

Customizable Options:

  • Choice of image
    • You can change the size, rotation and placement of the image directly in our fender builder.
    • The option to blur part of the image to focus on key elements. 
    • You can take advantage of the built-in photo editor that allows you to choose from over 30 predefined filters.
    • Adjust key parameters such as brightness, saturation, contract, gamma, clarity, exposure, shadows and highlights.
    • If you're feeling extra creative, you can also use our brush tool to add your own personal touches.
    • Finally, you can choose to add a frame around your image and choose from over a dozen overlays.
  • Choice of text
    • Choose the exact text you want to include on your custom fender, whether you want to include your race number or a five paragraph essay, the choice is yours!
    • You can also choose from several different font types, colors and sizes.
    • We also have text art options if you want to get creative!