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Fox 34 Performance/Performance Elite/Factory


Pas de Critiques

Protect your bike's fork with the Undercover protection kit. This protective film kit is specific to the fork of your bike, it will repel scratches and dirt on your bike. With its self-regenerating technology and 75% coverage, your fork will keep its original shine. A wrap that's easy to install and above all... Designed by local riders, like you.

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What's included in the kit

- Pre-cut protective film specific to your fork.

- Protective film available in matte or glossy finish.

- Instruction sheet.

- Optional film installation kit available.

- Some stickers... Who doesn't like stickers?

- Frame protection not included.

Protection level

Approximately 75% For complete protection with optimum ease of installation.

Technical specifications

- 0-20g: Scratch's on your bike weigh more than that!

- Self-regenerating film in the heat. Your bike's fork will look great all season long with minor scratches that will disappear in the heat of a sunny day.

- Undercover protection kits repel dirt, so your bike will be easier to wash.

Delivery time

Prepared and ready to ship in 1 to 2 business days.

* The pictures shown are for reference only and do not necessarily represent the protection kit for the bike model chosen.