BIKESHIELD PROTECTION FAQs all questions about bike shield kits. Whether it's installed by us or delivered to your door, here are the answers for every bike shield!

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Which protective film finish should I choose?

Here at BIKESHIELD PROTECTION, we strongly recommend protecting a bike with the same finish as the bike. So if it's a bike with a matte finish paint, the kit chosen should be matte and if the bike is glossy, we recommend a glossy finish film. Please note that with matte finish paints, it is possible to notice a slight difference between the matte finish of the protection film and the paint of the bike.

Do you only protect mountain bikes?

The benefits of protective wraps are not exclusively reserved for mountain bikes. Whether it's a mountain bike, a road or gravel bike or even a fatbike, it deserves to be wrapped! Our library of Undercover protective film kits is growing every day and we include all types of bikes.

Is the protective film easy to wash?

BIKESHIELD PROTECTION makes cleaning your bike easy. Our protection films are made of hydrophobic materials and will repel mud, dirt and debris you may encounter on the trail. Our film kits save you time and energy in cleaning your bike, so you'll have a clean bike ready to go at any time.

Can my protective film/wrap be repaired?

Certainly if it is only an abrasion or a scratch on the film, its self-healing properties will make it come back to its original shine by itself. If you have a big scratch or a tear on the film, you can contact us at info@bikeshieldprotection.com and include pictures of the pieces to be changed. It will be possible for us to send you only the pieces that need to be changed.

What is the life span of a protective film/wrap?

Under normal conditions, our protective films will not yellow or crack for 10 years. This means that there is a good chance that the bike will be changed before the film starts to show signs of aging.

Do I have to disassemble my bike to install the protective film?

Not at all!

Only the wheels, chain and guards (attached without adhesive) must be removed from the bike to install the film kit.

For an optimal installation, we recommend to remove the protective films that may have been installed originally. As their arrangement may vary, we do not consider them in the design of our film kits.

What is the cost of a bike customization project?

All customization projects are à la carte and made to measure. Depending on the project, prices may vary. Whether it's a change of logo colors or a complete customization wrap, we have solutions! For more information, contact us!

My bike is not listed in your Undercover protective film kits, why?

If your bike is not in our online listings, we may already be working on it. If not, however, it will be necessary to bring the bike to us so that we can build the Undercover protection film kit. Just contact us if in doubt!

Can I wait on site while you install the protective film?

Only if you bring your camping equipment for several days!

Our process can take more than 72 hours to allow us to respect our service guarantees. Our usual operation is to receive customers by appointment at the beginning of the week and start delivering their bikes around Wednesday. The bikes and their kits must be prepared and once the protective films are installed, we must allow a period of evaporation of about 12 hours to finish with a final inspection.

Is my BIKESHIELD PROTECTION kit compatible with the original installed protection films?

If your bike is equipped with an original protective film, we recommend that you remove it before installing a BIKESHIELD PROTECTION kit. The extra film can hinder adhesion, cause air bubbles and infiltration, and create a seam in the protective film.

Can I protect a used bike?

It's possible! A protective film installed on a used bike can give it a new life. BIKESHIELD PROTECTION kits reduce surface scratches and give the impression of a new paint finish. For optimal installation, wash your bike before installation. In addition to paint restoration, BIKESHIELD PROTECTION protects your used bike from future incidents that could damage the frame and fork. To learn more about the benefits of BIKESHIELD PROTECTION films, click here.