About Us

The cycling industry is made up of passionate cyclists and BIKESHIELD PROTECTION is no exception! The idea came from two crazy people who met in the mechanical workshop of a bike store in the Laurentians. François was the head mechanic there and was starting a project to make protective films for bikes in the washroom of his condo and Patrick was a graphic designer starting out on his own with contracts to install lettering on commercial vehicles. It only took a few meetings between the two to realize that bike wrap had the potential to become a new business in itself.

Like any self-respecting business, François' living room became too small for operations, so the business began to take shape in the garage of Patrick's house. A small garage but with enough space to match their ambitions. But they needed a name... What to do with a new company in a non-existent field... Bike shield, bike shield protection, bike wrap, custom frame protection, bike protection, bike protect, etc... In short, it could have been a bit of a ramble!

Let's keep it simple, BIKESHIELD PROTECTION.

With the volume of bikes that needed to be protected and customized continually growing, the neighborhood around Patrick's house was beginning to feel that there was too much action for a residential area. It was time to invest in machinery and find a commercial space. Since then, BIKESHIELD PROTECTION has been working its magic in a commercial location with a team of 4 full-time members. BIKESHIELD PROTECTION and its team are fortunate to work in the bicycle industry, with great customers and partners!