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Have you started following Seb D'Amour on social networks? If not, go follow this!... Great video content, quality and articles that focus on the MTB scene and culture in Quebec!

A 41 year old dad who, in 2022, is in his 3rd season of mountain biking and his second season of creating content on Youtube about mountain biking. He has quickly become a mountain biking and video enthusiast. Throughout his videos, we could notice a quick appetite to learn more about the mountain bike culture in Quebec. He is always on the lookout for new places to go and events to follow!

He fell in love with mountain biking after a trip to the MSS bike park. The speed, the adrenaline and the new challenge turned him into an enthusiast. A funny anecdote, he met his girlfriend, that we see in his videos, during this day at the MSS bike park by running into her at the finish line for the lift...

He traveled all over the world from 2007-2019 to photograph weddings and cars. He loves photography since a young age. The idea of capturing an emotion or moment in time that will never happen again has always intrigued him. He took the leap into video with the teachings of his brother in 2013.

Sébastien's goal with his Youtube channel is to give back to the great mountain biking community in Quebec. He likes to help people discover Quebec trail networks with his episodes of Culture MTB. He has also pledged to donate the money generated from the ads on his channel to an MTB related organization or a trail network in development. The episodes of Culture MTB include many features such as a trail network presentation, a tip, a favorite trail analysis, a local beer recommendation and a camping suggestion.

He is a proud contributor to Racine Magazine. 

If you come across Seb on the trails, go talk to him. You will meet a humble, honest, kind, charismatic person who loves people. Sometimes he even drives 30 minutes to bring us refreshments to cheer us on during our crazy bike protection season.

"I am very happy and honored to be an ambassador for Bikeshield protection. Quality protection from a Quebec company with good people. Thank you for your support and friendship."

Thanks for being part of the BIKESHIELD PROTECTION family, Seb! We appreciate what you are doing for the Mtb culture in Quebec and we are proud to be associated with you! Have a great season and continue to show us the beautiful spots of Quebec and its riders!

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