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The advantages of BIKESHIELD PROTECTION films

As trivial as it may seem as a subject, we will study it in depth because since ever, riders try to protect the appearance of their beloved bikes. Well, a little warning... Some technical terms will be mixed with a good dose of nostalgia throughout the text!

I still remember (it's a good command! ) of putting school book adhesive protector on the downtube of my first good mountain bike, a 2000 pumpkin orange Kona Cindercone (with glow in the dark decals and grips, it was a sick bike) and decorating it with branded stickers of bike parts in order to try to look like a pro at the time... What I didn't mention was the scratches that were hidden by those same stickers... Yeah, the life of a kid who thought he was sponsored by big brands when the only sponsor I should have displayed were "Mom and Dad"! Years went by and I learned to protect my chainstays with old tubes with holes in them. The weight this added to the bike gave me a good excuse for the imbalance I was facing in my first jumps!

Today the game has changed a lot! Different companies have come up with innovative products and services for bicycle wraps. The technologies of self-adhesive wraps are on another level, both for their protective properties and for their design! Of all the protective film products on the market, BIKESHIELD PROTECTION works exclusively with high quality materials. We have chosen the best compromise in terms of film thickness, ease of installation, technology and resistance to aging, cracking and yellowing over time. The film we use is a stone barrier film (PPF, transparent protection film or clear paint protection film) which is a thermoplastic urethane film that is 7.6mil (+-10%) thick and has self-healing, UV resistant and dirt repelling properties. So... let's untangle all this a bit.


Protection against scratches

Not a complicated first topic, huh? While back in the day, we proudly sported the scratches on our bikes and could tell every story about them to our buddies who came down church steps and jumped off mall parking bumps with us, today's bike prices have completely changed our view about those scars on our beloved frames. The used bike business has become a market in itself and we want to get the most out of our bike with the least amount of visible damage so that it retains the most value. The fewer scratches on the bike, the less painful the negotiation process with the buyer!

"Resale is not an option because this is my last good bike for a long time" -yeah right we all said that one ;) . Just having a bike in good condition for a selfy in the trials has become a satisfaction in itself. A bike that looks immaculate despite its exhaustive use has become much more interesting than a bike that has faced the worst crashes in the trails and comes out alive... But with many scratches.

Not complicated, the protective film absorbs the energy of the impact and dissipates it through its surface.

Photo de pellicule de protection endommagée et réparée


Added value to the bicycle

Just one look at the classified ads and you can see in the description if the bike has been protected or not. This is because buyers value this. The buyer knows that the bike will clearly be in good condition and that he won't have to pay to have it protected except for the cost of a refurbishment (we'll go into this later in the text).


Easy to clean

How many times have we had to brush the underside of the downtube with more soap than recommended on the little bottle because the mud stains just won't leave the surface of our bike? For my part, quite often. I still remember that my father had installed hooks under the carpol of the house so that we could religiously clean our bikes. A bike with a BIKESHIELD PROTECTION film cleans like a charm. Often, just a quick wipe down with a garden hose and a couple of strokes with a washer is enough to remove even the toughest mud spots.

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about matte paint and its curse. Yeah, a bike with a matte finish is cool or bad I would say. But my god it's a horror to keep it nice and clean. The texture of the paint traps dust and becomes extremely difficult to remove. BIKESHIELD PROTECTION's matte finish film allows the rider to keep their bike looking matte but adds unparalleled ease of cleaning when washing.


Heat self-healing film

Are you passionate about detailing your bike? (yes, it's not just for cars anymore) Let's be honest, no matter how much we use the best cleaning tools and soaps that promise us aero-space technology, we still end up spreading the dirt and rubbing the dust against the frame of our bike, thus spreading the dirt and making micro-scratches on the clear paint of our bike. With each cleaning, this effect becomes more and more apparent and our bike loses its shine. BIKESHIELD PROTECTION films are self-healing and prevent this aging. Once the bike is protected with the film, it will keep its shine for as long as it is protected! Just park the bike in the sun or heat the surface of the bike with hot water and the self-healing film will do the rest of the work!

It's never too late to install protection. Bikes that have been ridden for one or two seasons will quickly regain their shine after installing the protective film. It's a bit like putting a new coat of clear over paint.

exemple de regénération de pellicule de protection


Film refurbishment

A fall that was too acrobatic got through the protective film of your bike? Don't panic. Often, the dust stuck in the glue and the infiltration of air and mud make the damage more frightening than it really is. The beauty of it is that you can change the damaged piece and once removed, you will see that the damage was very limited or non-existent. The protective films can be removed to be changed with care and following a careful method.


Whether it's a universal kit that you install on your bike or an Undercover protection film kit, whether it's you installing it or a certified Undercover Agent from BIKESHIELD PROTECTION, it's important that your bike is protected. BIKESHIELD PROTECTION offers a wide range of products and services for bikes of all prices, disciplines and sizes. Mountain bike, Fatbike, Gravel bike, road, hybrid and others, no excuses, get your squeegees!

BIKESHIELD PROTECTION Undercover protection film kits

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