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Is it necessary to protect an aluminium bike?

Protecting your carbon or aluminum bike frame can be very beneficial. Regardless of the material your bike frame is made of and regardless of the discipline (yes, even the Zwift legends!), you and your bike can benefit from a protective bike wrap. The idea that only carbon bikes deserve this kind of care is long gone. As soon as your bike has any form of paint or varnish. It will benefit directly from a BIKESHIELD PROTECTION bike wrap.

The question we should ask ourselves is: what is the alternative if you do not want to repaint your frame? Depending on the case, it costs between $250 and $800 to repaint a frame. 

Why you should consider protecting your aluminum bike frame

  1. Thanks to the self-healing properties of our protective films, minor scratches, smudges and stains disappear with the help of time and heat.
  2. BIKESHIELD PROTECTION film protects alloy frames from paint scratches, scuffs and chips.
  3. No matter what type of bike you ride, the importance of frame protection from the head tube to the rear triangle cannot be overstated!
  4. Approved for all types of aluminum frames, including road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrids, BIKESHIELD PROTECTION offers protection for all tube shapes and price ranges.

Why you should consider protecting your carbon bike frame

  1. The BIKESHIELD PROTECTION film, which is applied to your carbon fiber bike frame, protects it from sticks, stones, dirt and other bikes.
  2. This is another example of a high-tech component that is rather discreet but offers excellent protection. It prevents paint chips due to chain slamming and gravel kicked up by the tire.
  3. BIKESHIELD PROTECTION is not limited to high-end carbon mountain bike frames. It can work at all levels and in all cycling disciplines in a variety of configurations.
  4. It prevents your paint from fading during multiple bike cleanings.
  5. If you've just spent thousands of dollars on the lightest, highest performance bike in the new technology, you don't want to add weight to it, do you? That's not true! With an Undercover kit averaging between 45 and 65g, let's be honest, that's not going to make the difference in conquering the KOM.
  6. Carbon frames are not as impact resistant as aluminum or steel frames. BIKESHIELD PORTECTION's bike frame protection film disperses impact energy and can help protect your frame from damage.
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