Devrais-je appliquer un film de protection sur un vélo d'occasion ? - BIKESHIELD PROTECTION

Should I apply a protective bike wrap to a used bike?

The most common reasons for applying a BIKESHIELD PROTECTION film to a used bike are

  • The protective film kit mitigates or hides existing scratches, stains and scuffs.
  • A finish similar to the original is restored.
  • It prevents future damage and deterioration.
  • Cleaning and maintaining your bike becomes much easier.

L'application d'un film de protection sur une bicyclette d'occasion peut être très esthétique !L'application d'un film de protection sur une bicyclette d'occasion peut être très esthétique !

NEW BIKE DAY fever? We know all about it!

We've all been there: it's new bike day and you want to get out there and enjoy the first pedal strokes on the new bike. Is it better to postpone the first ride because you haven't installed a frame protector yet? Of course not! But things being what they are, you leave for your first ride and by misfortune the bike slips under your feet. Maybe it's a simple fall against a tree, or maybe it's an incident with a slight and quick collision or maybe you bought a used bike that has never been wrapped before? In short, we know that many bikes may have been ridden without a protective film and that's perfectly normal!


In any case, it is normal to wonder if it is worthwhile to protect a bike that has already been ridden.

The answer is yes!

When buying a new bike, most people install a frame and fork protector on the bike if it is not already original. Many people buy a new bike and have it wrapped right away or will order a wrap kit and install it themselves. Some of us, however, just want to get out and use the new bike as soon as possible. Although it was in the plans to protect the new bike, the excitement level is too high and we end up riding out before we have time to install the protective film. After all, we are human and want to try out this new dream bike (yes, we get it!). We have all done it and we are even guilty of it. We put off installing the frame protector because we would rather ride, normal. While it's fun to ride with friends and enjoy the trails on the new bike, in the end our bikes end up with lots of scratches, damage and paint chips.

But should I really pack my bike? My paint is already ruined, there are holes, scratches and scrapes in the frame, and my bike looks tattered! Is it worth taking the time to do it? Is it worth the time and cost to install a bike wrap on an already damaged frame? The answer to these questions is simple: Yes, I should wrap my used bike, and no, it is not a waste of time, money or effort. BIKESHIELD PROTECTION's protective film will hide these marks, making your bike look almost new. It also protects your bike from future damage.

Key points to remember when applying a BIKESHIELD PROTECTION frame wrap to a used bike:

  1. A bike protection wrap can help improve the look and protect the finish of a used bike.
  2. The application process is not much different than for a new bike and can be done by anyone... All you have to do is clean the bike well!
  3. Bike wrapping is not a waste of time or money and can be well worth the investment as it offers peace of mind to the person who may buy the bike after you.
  4. Bike frames aren't the only things that can benefit from a bike shield! You can also apply a bike shield to your used suspension fork!
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